Black Friday Art Coaching Offer

Black Friday Art Coaching Offer
Black Friday Art Coaching Offer

$95 - $411

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Black Friday Art Coaching Offer! 

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Let’s face it - times are stressful. We’re surrounded by both devastation, and heroic expressions of love and devotion.

In my experience, nothing helps relieve stress better than a good, powerful, art-making session. It helps work through fear, anger, grief, panic… & helps to express awe & compassion for our fellow humans, too. Can you relate?

Art Coaching will help you make sense of the chaos, 
  • Transform your fear, anxiety, anger, compassion, & hope into powerful expressions of life in our time;
  • Offer you permission to express your true authentic self, & 
  • challenge you to grow into this new life, wherever it leads.

Offer details: 
  • One-on-one art coaching sessions, one-hour each
  • Choose either 1 session or 4 sessions
  • Be one of the first 3 to sign up, & get 25% off
  • 20% off for the rest of you - still a good deal!
  • Lovely gift certificates are available if you want to give a meaningful gift to a deserving loved one 
  • Buy now and redeem / schedule anytime within 6 months 
  • Until / unless there is a way to meet safely in person, sessions will be held virtually through Zoom. Artwork can be shared either on-camera, or via e-mail or a Google Photo album. We  can meet 15 mins. early for our first session for a Zoom tutorial, if needed. (It really is quite easy!) 

Price info:
4 sessions

Regular price for 4 one-hour sessions - -    $340.
25% off for the first 3 - - - -    $262.*
Save $78.
20% off for the rest - still a good deal at $280.*! 
* Prices include most of the Paypal fee.

Thanks for taking the leap in joining me for a new adventure in self-discovery!

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