Inside the Portfolios, you'll find an assortment of artwork with different styles, for different kinds of people.

My murals are for communities; to celebrate their history, ideals and/or identity. 

My favorite illustrations are for children, to spark their imagination, help them understand our strange world, and to inspire and comfort them.

My editorial illustrations interpret my client's ideas, thoughts or beliefs.

My paintings are my own personal attempt to understand life in our industrial world.

To see the artwork, click on "Portfolios" in the list to the left, and you will find them all. Enjoy!

I also teach Art Classes focused on artistic growth & development, skill building, & loosening up.  While I sometimes teach children's camps & workshops, the classes listed are for grown-ups (aged 15 and up).

Art Coaching / Mentoring Services are one-on-one sessions designed to help people move beyond their stuck places with ease, & grow to find a clear path to their creative source. Click on the list to the left to find out more.



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