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My children's books tend to be on the humorous/ "edgy” side. But often they include serious emotional subject matter, as well. My favorite media are oil pastel (bold & colorful), colored pencil with watercolor (detailed & sensitive), and pen & ink (usually on the cartoonish side). You can find some test booklet illustrations here, as well.

PicnicBananersCover detail


Cover detail

Orchids, Cover detailThat's Ludicrous!Forget It!!!
Orchids, Cover detail

That's Ludicrous!

Forget It!!!

NightmareYa Gotta Point...Sorceror's Birthday

Ya Gotta Point...

Sorceror's Birthday
$27 - $187

Haw River Festival flyerSF Folk Music Club coverStealing Cookies
Haw River Festival flyer

SF Folk Music Club cover

Stealing Cookies

OoopsPunkScience Test! #1


Science Test! #1

Science test! #2  
Science test! #2


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