Murals to Date

Save the Haw Mural, Pittsboro, NC                 Completed June. 2008                        23’ x 12’

This was primarily a volunteer project. I was the Artistic Director, leading a group of at-risk middle-schoolers through the concept and design process, and coaching them in painting. Then I lead them and several local artists and community volunteers through the painting process. The mural was dedicated to the Town of Pittsboro.


Lotus Mural, Chapel Hill, NC              Completed Mar. 2007                                         5’ x 7’

For the Acupuncture Healing Center. Reflects the spiritual aspects of the lotus flower.


Farmer’s Alliance Mural, Siler City, NC            Completed June 2006                           70’ x 14’

For the Siler City Mural Society. This mural depicts a street scene from 1910, and features the Farmer’s Alliance, which is the town’s oldest establishment.


History of Nursing in NC, Raleigh, NC     Completed Jan. 2005                                    6’ x 3’6”

For the NC Board of Nursing. This mural depicts 3 scenes from NC’s nursing history: settlement nursing, education, and hospital nursing.


Wren Library Children’s Area, Siler City, NC.   Completed Mar. 2004                               34’ x 4’6”

Exposes the children of Siler City to the vast world around them, real and imagined.


Chatham Hospital Mural,  Siler City, NC,   Completed Oct. 2003                                 34’ x 17’

For the Siler City Mural Society. This mural depicts the history of, and influences on Chatham County’s first and only hospital.


Vines, Fearrington Village, NC.     Completed Mar., 2003                                             5’ x 20’

(Private residence.)


Rosemary House Inn, Pittsboro, NC.     Completed Aug. 2002                                  9’6” x 6’

One of the many flavors of Pittsboro…


GKN Automotive, Sanford, NC.      Completed July 2002.                                            15’ x 12’

Backdrop for indoor pond.


Holy Trinity Church, Siler City, NC.    Completed May 2002                                  10’6” x 9’4”

Baptistery mural.


“Our Hardware Heritage”, Siler City, NC.  Completed Jan. 2002                                75’ x 23’

For the Siler City Mural Society, it depicts 3 scenes from the history of the town’s second oldest store.


Alston Chapel Church, Pittsboro, NC.     Completed Mar. 2001                                                 8’ x 7’

The theme for this mural was “crossing over”.



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