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Hi Stacye. I think you were on the event this morning sponsored by the Chatham County Library with Dr. Charles Johnson. If it was you I was in the midst of sending you a "Thank You" for the wall mural that you painted years ago of my Grandfather and Father, Tod R. Edwards, Sr. and Jr., in Siler City. As my message was cut-off, I'll take this opportunity to say "Thanks" again for this great work of art. Rob Edwards
-- Rob Edwards, 6/19/21

Stacye, I have been wanting to take a class with you for oh so long, but commuting from upstate New York was always an obstacle - until now. What an unexpected silver lining to these frightening times that allows this particular dream to come true - can't wait for Online Figure Drawing Open Studio to begin! With love and gratitude...
-- Pati, 4/11/20

Working on a super hero elf Elf Judy. Interested in children's book about her and her adventures like reindeer wrangling, Elf on the Shelf Management & etc. How to proceed?
-- Al Capehart, 8/14/19

stacye is a nurturing, kind, patient teacher, who can coax the most timid artist to begin to flourish.
-- Pam Rademacher, 12/6/17

Incredible versatility and genuine portrayal of subject matter. I enjoyed clicking on all the many links to get a sense of all of the interesting and unique ways that you are able to express your many talents. Steevie Jane Parks, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, Certified Creativity Coach, Visual Artist
-- Steevie Parks, 8/10/17

I am so delighted that the print of your water lilies mural is available again! I'm ordering one for myself right now - not taking any chances on it being out of stock again! Thank you for the beautiful work....
-- Pati, 5/18/17

Hi I came across your website and I like really like your Art. I'm an rather new children's illustrator working with self publishers.. Not an easy task when working with authors and I don't have an agent. Would you recommend any advise? Thank you
-- Malinda Raines, 4/26/17

Drea and I are enjoying browsing through your galleries. The water lilies mural is on my wish list - ❤❤️
-- Pati, 3/17/17

Hi Stacye, I am in your color class at the Arts Center...where do you offer your classes?
-- Sharon Van Horn, 9/30/15

From your storyboarding illustration class my web sites are:
-- Rob Westerman, 7/29/15

Wow Stacye!.. I love this site! So much of this I haven't seen yet!
-- Tommy Leanza, 3/4/13

Dear Stacye. Can you remember your stay in oudorp the netherlands. You after that sent us some fine illustrations and drawings, and if I am correct we met once in New york. we still sometimes look at our correspondence and your letters and wonder how ( good) you are doing. Anyhow the best regards, tessa now has 3 boys and rogier a girlfriend who is also a fine designer and illustrator using the same techniques. . Carpe)r' Diem
-- Tineke Carper, 2/11/13

Stacye, Very cool to see your beautiful work and learn about your path. Enjoying your class! Karin Bagan
-- Karin Bagan, 9/25/12

Hi Stacye Wondered what you have been up to. Now I know. What wonderful work!
-- Thea Bazzini, 5/26/11

Love as always, your work!
-- Kathleen Jones, 3/4/11

hi stacey-your artwork is very beautiful,,,!
-- Hazel, 11/15/10

So glad to find your site. Your sister Pati and I were best friends way back at St. Mike's, and still keep in touch. Found the note referring to your site on her facebook page, and so glad that I did. You're so talented! Congratulations and good luck to you!
-- Mary Renee Meyer, 11/8/10

Hi Stacye -- I was one of your charges at Long Lake in 1980. I have fond memories of your silversmith studio. Your work is remarkable! I absolutely love it.
-- Anne, 8/6/10

Hi Stacye- Your artwork is gorgeous, I'm so glad I found your website!
-- Jim Otterstrom, 5/12/10

Hi Stacye, I am amazed at how talented you are. I really like that you do all kinds of different tthings. All of your work is reallly good
-- 004A5o004450connie M. Conway, 10/8/09

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