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My painting process is pretty much the opposite of what I do for my mural and illustration clients. I paint what I want to explore, letting my curiosity lead me. It’s way more personal. Often I’m exposing some aspect of society that that I feel is overlooked and needs attention.
And though I find our industrial world to be full of compelling images, my new work reflects recent changes in my personal focus: more of an exploration of my own interior world. The result is new, abstract watercolor paintings, exploring aspects of life on earth that I usually neglect.

Power EliteNYC Subway Series: 'A' Train NYC Subway Series: Exit to 34th St.
Power Elite

NYC Subway Series: 'A' Train

NYC Subway Series: Exit to 34th St.

NYC Subway Series: 14th StreetHeading HomePower Lines
NYC Subway Series: 14th Street

Heading Home

Power Lines

Railroad CrossingTunnel ProhibitionsUntitled 2
Railroad Crossing

Tunnel Prohibitions

Untitled 2

UntitledUntitled 3Filament Crystals #3

Untitled 3

Filament Crystals #3

Filament Crystals #2, 2007Our Lady of ChainsOrion & the Knot
Filament Crystals #2, 2007

Our Lady of Chains
$27 - $187

Orion & the Knot


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