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This structured critique group is for visual art-makers* who seek useful, constructive critique for their artworks-in-progress, and want to offer the same in return to their peers.  A side benefit is that everyone gains skill and sensitivity at appreciating & evaluating different kinds of art. There will be time for group discussion on the why & how of art-making, too. Small group size provides enough time for each person to get an effective critique.
Come for support, & leave inspired, with your eyes wide open!

*For art-makers at any level; beginners to pros. 

COURSE DESCRIPTION for The ArtsCenter Class:

The Human Form: Art Critique Group
Tuesdays, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, Mar 3 - Mar 31, 2020
Come get valuable, constructive critique on your artworks-in-progress, from your peers and from a trained facilitator with years of experience. This group focuses on everything human: from portraits to comic strips, including abstractions of the human form.
Suggestions for further work may be offered as desired, to further your artistic growth.


> This will be a structured group; laser-focused on the constructive evaluation of the artwork, and the support & artistic growth of all participants. We’ll use both writing & speaking to offer critiques. Specific methods may change based on the needs of the group.

> We’ll follow Critique Guidelines based on the ones we use in my classes, to make sure the critiques are constructive and useful to the recipient. These, too, may morph into something better, as we go along.

> There may also be time for juicy discussions on the why & how of art-making. Got some burning topic ideas? Do tell!

>  The group welcomes professionals and avocational artists at any level. Beginners, too. (See FAQs for more specifics. Coming soon.)

> Bonus! You may also gain a better appreciation for different genres of artwork.Your horizons may expand! You may get über-inspired! Your own art-making practice may grow widely & deeply! You never know… 

> BIO: Did you know? Besides being an experienced pro artist, art coach, & teacher, I am also a trained and experienced consensus-based meeting facilitator. (Living in a consensus-based intentional community for 20+ years requires empowered, respectful communication!) We’ll practice these skills in the group.

> To register for the class at The ArtsCenter, click here: The Human Form 

> Comment below if you have Questions, or e-mail me at:

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