I was born in the middle of a huge Catholic family, and grew up in the ‘burbs of PA & NY. I digested my art education – a BFA in Illustration from Parson’s School of Design in NYC – by traveling around the world, getting a good dose of art, culture, and perspective along the way. When I wasn't traveling, I was learning a lot about children by working as a daycare provider, and teaching art to kids. I moved back and forth between NYC and San Francisco, following either my artistic desires, or my need to lighten up and have some fun.

Raising my own child was my next big thing. After settling into parenting, I was able, by a mix of good fortune and mid-life crisis, to build a career on mural-making.  It has since expanded to include illustration. This is also fortuitous, because it pushes me ever closer to my big dream of getting my own children’s books published. 


My artistic inclinations are shaped largely by my religious upbringing, which added a philosophical component to my childhood musings (as well as a lot of guilt, and some other character-building detritus). Another big influence on my artwork was life in San Francisco and NYC, where my perceptions of our techno-industrial culture took form and grew up. International travel added quite a bit of contrast to my Western experience. These formative influences, as well as my fascination with things scientific, devotional, industrial, spiritual, and socio-political, continue to drive my art-making process.


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