Private Lessons

Printmaking Lesson

Private lessons are great if:
  • You can't attend regular classes due to schedule conflicts.
  • Or if you want more help on a topic we whizzed through in class (Sighting Angles, & Proportions, for example).
  • Or for topics I don't usually cover in class, including more advanced lessons such as Drawing Hands & Feet, Comics & other Illustration, etc..
  • Or for teens with a busy schedule; especially those who need help with their portfolios for college applications
Come get one-on-one guidance in skill building, self-expression, or whatever you need to get to the next level… It’s a chance to go deep into the art-making realm…

TEACHING EXPERIENCE - or: "Why should you trust me?"
  • I've been teaching process-oriented art classes & private lessons for over 10 years to adults & children.  I've been coaching clients individually since 2014, with transformational results! (Check out my Art Coaching page here: Art Coaching!)
  • I have an exploratory approach to art-making, which celebrates mistake-making as a necessary part of artistic growth. makes for fun and relaxed lessons, too! 
  • I firmly believe in growing through knowledge & pleasure, not through suffering! This way of living comes with me to class, work, and studio, and is an important part of my curriculum.

Sessions are available afternoons & evenings at your place (local) or mine. So there’s no need to let a busy schedule keep you from making time for art!

Lessons are geared to each student’s needs & ability. So you can get guidance that fits your individual learning style. So, now is a good time, yes?

I'm happy to answer your questions. E-mail me at

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