Art Coaching

Art Coaching / Mentoring

Get help with:
  • busting through artist’s blocks

  • over-thinking your artwork
  • taking the next big leap
  • finding your authentic artistic voice!

Learn new tools to help you LOOSEN UP &  E X P A N D !

Here is one-on-one help to find a clear path to your creative source.

Here's how I can help:
  • I will offer guidelines to improve your relationship to making art, creating a more joyful, fulfilling, authentic experience.

  • Provide simple exercises to remove your blocks - sometimes instantly! - so you can move forward with confidence & enthusiasm.

  • Through concise questioning & observation, I can help you find your own artistic voice / language, & focus on what's most important to you.

  • Introduce you to techniques, materials, & genres that suit your own personal style of expression.

  • Through supportive, constructive critique of your artwork, I can help you identify & develop your strengths, minimize and overcome weaknesses, & help discover and nurture your artistic power & magic!
  • A healthy art-making process does not exist in isolation! I will introduce you to a variety of artists' works for the purposes of inspiration, validation – and for the pure joy of experiencing art that speaks to you. There's nothing quite like finding a kindred artistic spirit!

Why should you trust me?
A bit of background info may help answer that Question: My art coaching practice grew out of my art classes and private lessons.  So many of my new students start out fearful about the "rules" of making good art, and doubt their ability to create work that feels like true expressions of themselves. Of course, their doubts and fears keep them from truly engaging in the art-making process, and often keeping them from making art at all. There is always something else that needs to be done. 

To me, this is tragic! Art making can be such a rewarding, fulfilling practice for anyone who yearns to pick up a crayon or brush (or whatever inspires). It energizes, soothes, & and speaks for you where words fail. It’s like a good friend. …If you approach it with the right attitude!

So, I realized that shedding the myths and fears about making art was as important as teaching them how to draw or paint. I began creating courses and materials to provide clients with hands-on experiences of how art-making can be their friend, instead of their tyrant. I began seeing clients one-on-one in 2015.

So far, the results have been astounding! I’ve had the honor of watching my art coaching clients grow from timid art-avoiders to passionate makers of their unique kind of art. The more we work together, the more their work reflects their true, authentic self.

Check out this video testimonial from a one-on-one art coaching client:

Here are some other reasons you might find me trustworthy:

  • I've been teaching process-oriented art classes for over 10 years to adults & children. Many of my students have benefitted significantly from the coaching they get during class. 

  • I graduated from a highly competitive art school (Parson’s School of Design, in NYC), and lived through years of self-doubt, until I found a way out of the struggle. I now make a living as a professional illustrator, art teacher, & art coach.

  • I've had intensive training and years of experience in consensus-based  facilitation for intentional communities, where open, honest communication is essential for the strength and vibrancy of the group. 
  • My artistic journey has lead me from being tight & perfectionistic, to finding a fulfilling, explorational approach to making art. I am making friends with art-making!

  • I firmly believe in growing through knowledge & pleasure, not through suffering! This way of living comes with me to class, work, and studio.

Here’s what one student has to say: 
“Stacye has a gift. She was able to listen to my scattered goals and confused internal dialogue, & helped me to narrow down my focus. I have a much clearer path that I'm traveling now ...” - Sandra E. Oct. 2014  

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Here's how it works:
We’ll meet, in person or on-line, for one hour to 1 ½ hour sessions devoted to deepening & expanding your capacity for artistic expression, in whatever form that best serves you. Greater confidence & enthusiasm will result!

We’ll create a safe space for identifying & maximizing your strengths, working through weaknesses, & engaging in true artistic exploration. Discussion, warm-up exercises, demos, & reviews of your work, will all be geared to your artistic self-acceptance, expression, inspiration, and growth!

You will get a clearer sense of direction, focus, & the steps needed to make rapid progress in your artistic growth, after our first one-hour visit. The more we work together, the more we can discover!

Here's what another student has to say:
 “Stacye is an excellent teacher. Classes have a wonderful balance of planned exercises, discussion, & freedom. Under her gentle tutelage I have grown tremendously in my own work.” - Nov. 24, 2014

How will we do it?
If you're local to the Triangle, NC area, we can meet at your studio or mine. If not, we'll meet via Google video chat, or FaceTime (Apple). A phone would do in a pinch. A camera or scanner would be handy to send me images of your artwork.

Our initial meeting (½ hour; FREE.) will give us an idea of where you are at, what your artistic needs & desires are, what purpose art-making serves in your life, & the best way to help you out. I'll send you a list of Questions to ponder before we meet. Did I mention this meeting is FREE?

Our first full coaching session (one hour) is designed to more specifically reveal your goals, desires, blocks or stuck places, your "growth edge", review your artwork, & take action! There may be a demo &/or a short art exercise. 
Follow-up sessions (one - two hours) are geared entirely to your needs, and may include demos. Longer sessions could include an art exercise, mindfulness exercise, etc.
Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions!

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Here's what another student has to say:

Stacye is a caring, sensitive, teacher/art-coach with exquisite sensitivity to the needs of each student. She is a skilled artist, but most significantly, she knows how to nurture and support each student's unique growth in the ways that work for that student. Would highly recommend her without any reservations.” - Rose H. Oct. 24, 2014 

Ready to invest in your artistic growth?


Our initial half-hour meeting is free.

One-hour visits are $115.

A minimum of 8 visits is highly recommended for making changes that stick! An on-going investment in your artistic growth will provide deep, lasting transformation. 
To encourage your commitment to your artistic growth and self-discovery, I'm offering deep bulk-rate discounts: 
8 one-hour visits ... ... ... ...

For those not quite ready to commit, there are also discounts for 4 visits
4 one-hour visits ... ... ... ...


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