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 M I S S I O N   
Seeking work opportunities to inspire and empower people through imaginative and inclusive illustration, especially for children’s media; to lead mural projects that build community and celebrate diverse cultures; and to lead art events that encourage exploration & self-acceptance, especially for those from marginalized groups. 

 E X P E R I E N C E  

Imaginatively truthful and inclusive illustration for festivals, periodicals, and children’s books. Eye-catching  book covers and compelling interior illustrations, including illustrated maps; for print and web. Stereotype averse! Festival merch sells out every year. See client list below, & portfolio here.

  • Art Coaching  provides clients seeking artistic growth & self-discovery with transformational experiences that empower them to create powerful expressions of their authentic selves. Coach info.
  • Art Dinner Dates are for couples, to break the ice or rekindle a relationship, with fun and revealing joint art exercises. 
  • Urban Sketchers Workshops drew people from across the country to learn rapid-fire, effective visual journalism (aka reportage). 2015.
  • Art Classes & Camps: Figure & Portrait Drawing; Abstract Art, & other classes that encourage students of all ages to loosen up and express themselves freely. Therapeutic workshops for at-risk populations.

Artistic Director for Community Murals Create mural-making experiences for communities wanting to express their identity, history, &/or hopes on public walls. Collaborate with them on all aspects, from theme to execution. Projects create a deep sense of pride & belonging for the entire community. 
Mural Creator - Projects involved all aspects of design and execution, including creation of concept and content with client. Also trained assistants and at-risk youth. Complete lists available on website.

Painted sets, &/or designed and painted props for:  Bodacious Theatre Company, Pittsboro, NC; 2019; + Paperhand Puppet Intervention, Chapel Hill, NC; 2010. Volunteer work: Paperhand Puppet Intervention, Chapel Hill, NC; 2005 - present;  +  CCCC, Pittsboro, NC; 2009; NC Shakespeare Festival, Greensboro and High Point, NC 1993

Event Organizing - Organized film screening & booth leafletting events for NC Green Party, to raise funds, educate & recruit (2018); + Organized the Community Read Art Show for the Friends of the Pittsboro Library, NC (2005); + Produced musical event fundraiser for NCPlenty, Pittsboro General Store Cafe, 2005; + Run NoCha Drawing Group, figure drawing, Silk Hope, NC; + Blue Heron Farm Workday co-ordinator, Chatham Co., NC.
Chatham Artists Guild - Board member, Publicity Liaison;  2015 - 2018

S K I L L S   &   T R A I N I N G
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to intuit client’s & students’ needs
  • Positive, enthusiastic attitude; explorational, encouraging, & supportive with students
  • Detail oriented, with strong organizational skills
  • Dedicated to personal and professional growth and excellence, & win-win business deals
  • Thrive in both collaborative teamwork and independent problem solving situations
  • Illustration - Imaginative, inclusive, concise visual storytelling; good sense of humor
  • Media: Oil pastels, pen & ink, watercolor, acrylic paint, pencil
  • Excellent drawing, painting, & lettering ability
  • Photo-edit images & text in both Photoshop and vector-based programs; Wacom tablet
  • Training: Social Media Marketing; + Marketing & Branding, The Organized Artist Co. (2017 - 18);  + Metacognitive Drawing, 2019 + Consensus Based Meeting Facilitation, (2009 - present). 

 E D U C A T I O N

BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design, NYC, with a focus on Children’s Book Illustration. Studied under Edward Sorel, J.C. Suarès, James Marshall, and David Pasalacqua.

 M A J O R   C L I E N T S

Illustration: Abundance NC, Pittsboro; + NC Board of Nursing, Raleigh; + Shakori Hills Grassroots, Silk Hope, NC; + Wander Bear Press, Chapel Hill, NC; + Carrboro Free Press, Carrboro, NC.

Teach/Coach: ArtsCenter, Carrboro, NC; + Communities in Schools, (formerly CCT!), Chatham Co., NC; + Community Independent School, Pittsboro, NC; + Sage Academy, Siler City, NC

Mural: Siler City Mural Society, NC; + Wren Foundation, Siler City, NC; + Abundance NC, Pittsboro; + Drug Free NC; + Central Carolina Community College, Pittsboro, NC; + Family Violence Rape Crisis Center; Siler City, NC; + Pittsboro Elementary School, NC; + Perry Harrison Elementary School, Pittsboro, NC.

 P U B L I S H E D   W O R K S
  • Eco-Dude Comes to Town, Philip Holzinger; (cover) 2016
  • Mi Casa en el Volcán, Joe Cole, Wander Bear Press; (cover and interiors) 2014
  • Acaju, Douglas Lorie, (cover, & interiors) 2013
  • Illustrated characters from the book The Prince Who Fell from the Sky for the author’s website; John Claude Bemis, 2012
  • “Sophie & Sappho”, (a comic strip for kids); Carrboro Free Press; 2009 
  • Small Is Possible, Lyle Estill; New Society  (interior map) 2007
  • Searching for Virginia Dare: A Fool’s Errand, Marjorie Hudson, Coastal Carolina Press (interior map) 2002
  • [Untitled]  poetry book, David Ostrovsky (interior illustrations) 2006

 A W A R D S : Granted the 2008 Emerging Artist Program award for children's book illustration, from the Durham Arts Council.


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