Mural-making Process

Mural-making Process

  Feel the need for a mural? Here's a detailed list of how it gets done. Don't let the business-like language scare you; most of the process is quite fun, and often becomes a community social event!

  1. Meet with client to determine project parameters, do a site check, and show work samples.
  2. Submit proposal with ballpark price quote (and possibly b&w thumbnail sketches).
  3. Create contract with client, and sign it. OR submit rough color sketches based on client input (at an hourly rate.) Rough sketches are an integral part of the design process. It is at this stage that the idea gets developed into a vibrant picture that accurately reflects the client’s goals, if done with enough thought and care.
  4. Based on client input, make any changes to rough sketches, or submit new ones, also at an hourly rate.
  5. Sign contract with final price quote; receive initial payment (usually 1/4 - 1/2 of total price, depending on project size).
  6.  Submit final drawing (optional).
  7. Set up scaffolding. Clean wall; project & trace image onto it (at night, or otherwise in the dark). Access to electricity is needed.
  8. Mix colors on site (a small storage room/area is necessary for this, and access to water), and paint mural. I usually work with one assistant, and volunteers help during the early stages.
  9. Top coat mural, if necessary.
  10. Clean up, receive final payment.


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