Art Coaching Courses!

aka: Art Coaching Boot Camps

These courses are for you if you want constructive guidance, support, and a safe space to grow. Especially if you:
  • need help busting through artist’s blocks,
  • need help getting started, 
  • habitually overwork your artwork to death, or 
  • feel lackluster, (or downright petrified) about making art, and long for it to be fun & flowing again... like when you were a small child
  • feel your artwork lacks the meaning you desire, & need help expressing what is most important to you
Does this sound like you?

Art Coaching Boot Camps offer art exercises to quickly cast off your tired old art-making habits, and replace them with a more vibrant and forgiving approach to art-making, so that:
  •  you are nurturing your art-practice, & not fighting with your ego (You’ll notice the improvement it makes in your artwork and your attitude!) [Course 1]
  •  you are making new artistic discoveries instead of wasting energy fighting your inner critic or exterior judgements - So your artwork becomes more free and energetic. [Course 1 & 2]
  •  you develop the receptivity necessary to make authentic artwork that reflects your own “flavor” and true self-expression [Course 2 & 3]
...all of this in supportive small groups with other brave art explorers.

Check out this testimonial from Marilyn K., who recently completed the first 3 courses. The video was shot just after Course # 2 : "Stealing What You Need to Grow". The students picked an artist whose work they admired, and copied some of it.

~ What to Expect in Art Coaching Boot Camps ~

+  Each course (or Boot Camp) builds upon the previous one; they are designed to be taken in order. In each course, students practice different methods to become more receptive to their surroundings and their interior world. Art can be a powerful communication tool! Here is where you can discover what's important for you to say visually.

+  The courses consist of 4 or 5 weekly sessions, 3 hours each, in small groups of 3 - 5 people. Small groups offer the best combo of one-on-one guidance, with the support and creative influence of others working on the same concepts.

+  All course sessions will begin with a 5 – 15 minute warm-up exercise, then students will work individually (as described below). Each participant will get a short one-on-one coaching session. We’ll end with discussion, and possibly critique or Show & Tell.

Two groups starting soon

Weds. afternoons, 1:30 - 4:30  PM; Oct. 9 - Nov. 6, 2019 (5 weeks, 3 hrs.)

Weds. evenings, 7:30 - 9 PM; Oct. 9 - Nov. 6, 2019 (4 weeks, 2.5 hrs.; no class Oct. 30th)

In general: Course sessions are held on weekday afternoons or evenings, depending on student’s schedules. With such small groups, we can afford to schedule sessions when it’s most convenient for the participants.

Upcoming groups will meet at the Joyful Jewel in Pittsboro; 44-A Hillsboro St., Pittsboro, NC

In general: TBD, depending on the participants (in the Chapel Hill / Carrboro / Pittsboro, NC vicinity, and possibly on line via Zoom, where necessary)

~ Course Descriptions ~

COURSE 1 – Keys to Growing a Dynamic Art-making Practice* 5 weeks

This first course focuses on transforming judgement and doubt into curiosity & exploration. Students will practice these concepts by participating in art exercises geared towards developing a compassionate, forgiving approach to art-making. After the exercise, there will be a short period of observation/reflection & writing, before Discussion & Show & Tell.

* This course is similar to my Find your Artistic Voice (FyAV) class, though more focused. If you have taken FyAV more than once, you may opt to skip this course.

COURSE 2 – Your Artistic Desires; Stealing what you need to Grow - 5 wks.

Students will pick either a medium (ex: acrylic paint) or genre (such as landscape painting, comic strips, assemblage) to focus on for the course. They will research how different artists use the medium / genre, & “steal” from one artist whose work they admire or respond to the best. One option is to copy their artwork directly. This is a classic, age-old learning tool that deepens the students’s knowledge and experience of art-making. Copying the artist’s style is another approach. 

Students may work on 1 or 2 projects for the duration of the course. In-depth observation may reveal something about the student as well as the artist being copied. 

Takeaway: Students will get to know their medium/genre more intimately, so they can use it with grace, understanding and confidence. They will gain a better understanding of themselves, and the art-world, in general.

COURSE 3 – Your Personal Art History - Transform your Art; Make it your Own! 4 wks.

This course begins with some in-depth observation of the artwork done in the previous 2 courses. We will look for patterns, symbols, themes, etc. that emerge in the artwork, that students can build upon for the remainder of the course. Students will continue to expand and explore possibilities for taking their artwork to the next steps. The keyword here: iterate iterate iterate. (That’s the exciting part!) We will see where it leads. 

Takeaway: As students’ self-knowledge increases, things surface from the sub/unconscious, providing excellent artistic material for them to explore. They grow more intimate with themselves. This is where the magic happens!

~ The Results ~

Consider the results you will get from structured, positive investment in your artistic life:
  • Facing art-making with joy & enthusiasm instead of fear and dread, or boredom.
  • Consistent art-making practice that you can look forward to
  • No more harsh judgement or fighting with your artwork!
  • Creating artwork that is increasingly more aligned with your spirit and unique perception
  • Having reasonable expectations of your artwork 
  • increased confidence and satisfaction that will spill over into all areas of your life!

Interested? Please take a few minutes to answer these Questions, so I can get an idea of who you are and how to serve you best. It will also help with scheduling.

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I'm figuring the full price per-course will be:

$360. for each 4-week course, and $450 for each 5-week course.

But - I'm offering discounts of 30% - 40% off to encourage you adventurous souls to invest in your artistic growth and development. The world needs more empowered art-makers!

* Enroll before Wednesday, Sept. 25th at 5:15 PM and get an extra discount!*

AFTERNOON Course # 1 at Joyful Jewel - 1:30 - 4:30  PM; Oct. 9 - Nov. 6, 2019 (5 weeks, 3 hrs.) = $ 299  until Sept. 25; $ 315. until Oct. 1

EVENING Course # 1 at Joyful Jewel - 7:30 - 9 PM; Oct. 9 - Nov. 6, 2019 (4 weeks, 2.5 hrs.; no class Oct. 30th) = $ 239  until Sept. 25; $ 252. until Oct. 1

* REGISTRATION ENDS on Tuesday, Oct. 1st at 5:15 PM *

Please do e-mail me if you have any Questions or concerns:

Ready to sign up? If you haven't filled out the survey yet, please do. I will need your info to send you relevant class materials. Plus, it will help me gear the courses to your group. Click here: Survey 

How to enroll: Once you complete the survey, please call The Joyful Jewel, # (919) 833-2775, 10:30am-5:30pm Monday through Saturday or Sunday 12pm-4pm. 

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