Ceremonial Shields

Sweet Medicine Shield #3; Planetary Dream, for M.S

Ceremonial Shields on Commission

Your personal dreams & desires
visualized by a professional illustrator

If you are dreaming of having a stunning, groovy, soulfully funky, sizzling, personality-revealing shield for your next big sundance, eagle dance, or other big ceremony, let's talk! 

Or, if you prefer a simple, quiet representation of your inner you, that is also possible! 

Let's dream up a stunning image that reveals your authentic vision through my magical image-making. Sound good?

The way it works is that we have a talk where I ask you questions designed to reveal your true hearts desire for your shield. From there, I make a few preliminary “thumbnail” sketches to show you, to see if I have captured the essence / magic of your dream. Desired changes are made, & one or two rough sketches submitted to you for approval. Once approved, I paint the final image on the canvas.

So far, these simple, modest shields are made from 16” round canvases, & painted with acrylics. Larger canvases are available.

If you want something fancier, we can discuss the idea of painting the shield on a handcrafted flat drum.

Costs vary according to the complexity of the design. Simple animal ally wheels start at about $300.

[Watch this space for a sample of an animal ally shield!]

Contact me with your Questions and ideas via e-mail at: sleanza.art@gmail.com

Let’s see what we can dream up!


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