Holiday Sale 2022

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Give a meaningful gift to someone you love! 
One that feeds their soul, brightens their winter nights, 
warms their winter days... 

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What ignites the imagination, 
invites the creative muse, 
jump starts artistic passion? 
Art lessons!  &  Art Coaching!

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Once again, for my 
2022 Winter Holiday Sale, 
I am offering
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Two Gift Certificate options:

 1.  Private art lessons 
 2.  Art mentoring / coaching sessions * 

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Get 20% off on 1.5-hour lessons, 
Get 20% off on 1-hour art coaching sessions.

Your loved-ones will get guidance, support, 
and useful tools for artistic growth 
from an experienced pro art teacher & art coach.

Here are the details:
  • Lessons are 1.5 hours long.
  • Coaching sessions are 1 hour long.
  • Sessions take place either in person, or on Zoom, depending on distance and client preference

  • Gift recipients get fancy-looking Gift Certificates... 
  • ...and a bonus coupon for 15% off on a group of 4 lessons / coaching sessions.
  • Continuity is essential for progress & growth. Gift certificates expire 6 months after issue! There's no time like the present to engage in soulful creative activity. 
  • Offer ends on Fri., Jan. 6th at 11:58 PM.
  • You can absolutely buy this gift for yourself, as well; you definitely deserve it!

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Here's where you can find out all about: Art Coaching 

Here's where you can find out about my: teaching experience

Here are some examples of what can be explored in private lessons:

Skill-building: develop drawing skills to heighten observation & improve drawing accuracy, including portrait drawing, urban sketching; also color-mixing skills; visual story-telling skills (illustration / comics / kids’ books), and some digital art skills.

Art-exploration: explore different media (watercolor, oil pastel, printmaking, conte crayon, charcoal, etc.); & techniques (cut paper, tone drawings, collage, assemblage, printmaking (such as monoprints, collagraphs), different forms of abstract art, & more...

Art heals! ~ Art calms ~ Art expresses what words cannot. 

Prices for Lessons:

Normally, the price for a 1½-hour lesson is $96. 
At 20% off, the sale price is $80*

The usual price for 4 lessons is $364  
At 20% off, the sale price is $297

Prices for Art Mentoring / Coaching:

Normally, the price for a 1-hour session is $126. 
At 20% off, the sale price is $104*

The usual price for 4 coaching sessions is $374. 
At 20% off, the sale price is $307* 

The usual price for 8 coaching sessions is $673.  
At 20% off, the sale price is $549.*

* Prices include the Paypal fee.

Is there someone in your life who could use a creative boost? Someone who would love a foray into a delicious art adventure designed especially for them?

To order, click on one of the images below. A new window will open, where you can click on the 'Add to Cart' button, to take you to the payment page. 
If you want 4 or 8 sessions, you can click on the drop-down menu for the extra discount. 
If you want 1 - 3 sessions, just change the quantity.

Once payment is received, I will contact you via e-mail with more details.

Please e-mail me if you have questions:

Private ART LESSONS - 20% Off

Private ART LESSONS - 20% Off
$77 - $297
* Normal price is $96 - $364.
* Gift Certificates come with a bonus coupon for 15% off on a group of 4 lessons!
* Use the drop-down menu to get the extra discount for 4  lessons. 


$104 - $549
* Normal price range is $126 - $673. 
* Gift Certificates come with a bonus coupon for 15% off on a group of 4 sessions
* Use the drop-down menu to get the extra discount for 4 or 8 sessions. 


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