Art Dinner Dates!

Art Dinner Dates!
Art Dinner Dates!

$20.88 - $41.50

Looking for a dynamic place to take your date out for a special occasion?
Or perhaps you prefer celebrating with friends in a group?

There’s room for all at the 
Valentine’s /Valen-Friends Art Dinner Date!

❤️ Valentine’s Daters will participate at private tables while ❤️Valen-Friends will gather in a group.

Everyone will participate in 2 or 3 wild, mind-bending, revealing, humbling art exercises designed to help you know (& love ❤️) each other better!

❤️ VALENTINES: spark a bit of flame in your date!
  • Nervous about your date?
  • Want to add more spice to your seasoned relationship? 
Fear not! These eye-opening art exercises will break the ice and inspire a deeper, juicier connection with your date. /  in a way that brings out your own inner wild creative expression! 

❤️VALEN-FRIENDS: Come solo or bring your friends. Either way, you’ll mix & match & find out some (sweet) things you never knew about your best buds, your BFFs, and the new friends you meet!

NO art experience or talent needed! *

Come join us for the
Valentine’s / Valen-Friends Art Dinner Date at 
108 Henderson St.
Chapel Hill, NC

Admission price gets you 2 or 3 art exercises + a drink each + appetizers to share. Imbibe’s appetizers are as tasty & creative as the artsy people who create them. Dinner (not included) is authentic Cajun fare.

**Space is limited!  Register in advance to save your spot.**

Check out this short YouTube testimonial:

TO REGISTER: Click HERE or on the “Add to Cart” button beneath the image at the top of the page. The price is $20.88 per person. Or - save the fee & stop by Imbibe to sign up there for $20. per person.

BIO: In case you don't already know: I am Stacye Leanza, a local artist, art teacher, and art coach who knows how to guide her students and clients to self-acceptance & authentic self-expression ...I have also learned a thing or two about what’s important in relationships. ; )

Click here for more info on the art exercises: 

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions:

Here’s what one Dater had to say about the 2018 Art Dinner Date:
"Stacye, what a fabulous way to spend Valentine’s Night! We really enjoyed the chance to do creative things together. But more importantly the great conversation that it sparked! We Will Be Back!!!"

From 2019 :
“This was such a fun way to connect in a way we haven’t after 9 years together.”

TO REGISTERClick HERE or on the“Add to Cart” button beneath the image at the top of the page. The price is $20.88 per person. (You'll have the option of ordering singly or in groups of 2 at check-out).

Or - save the fee & stop by Imbibe to sign up there for $20. per person.

Contact me for info on other upcoming Art Dinner Date events, or if you'd like to host an Art Date event for your group, workplace, or party:

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