Power & Point of View (POV) class

Power & Point of View (POV) class
Power & Point of View (POV) class


Virtual Illustration - Power & Point of view

6:30 - 9 PM ET / 3:30 - 6 PM PT *
on Monday nights  via Zoom
June 5 - 26 (4 weeks) 

In this class, we’ll explore the effect an artist’s perspective (aka: POV) has on the way power is portrayed and perceived in the picture.
The idea is to expand your repertoire of pictorial perspectives, so you can create more dynamic & visually captivating pictures that ‘hook’ the viewer into your story.
The material is not often covered in drawing or other art classes outside of comics or animation class circles, but definitely relates to all kinds of visual art-making.

Each week in class, we’ll experiment with a few different dynamic perspectives. Students can concoct their own simple story to portray. Or I will offer prompts for those who need inspiration. [Hint: the best stories come from personal experience... But, of course, they can be ficitonalized, or converted into metaphors. Imagination is welcome here!]

Examples of dynamic perspectives (POV) would be: 
  • "bird's eye view" - looking down from far up above
  • from ground level, looking up
  • over-the shoulder view - looking down at the character from behind
  • close-up, looking up at the character's face, from below
 Students will make their choices based on the power relationships that they want to portray. 
  • The subjects can be anything relevant to the student’s life (real or imagined).
  • VSJ students (and anyone else interested) might want to cover current events, the waning pandemic, culture, the latest bank collapse, etc..
  • In the world of illustration, and especially in comics & animation, this is an important tool to portray power, vulnerability, intimacy (& more) and also to create dramatic tension. It applies to fine arts as well!

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  • Class sessions will include a combo of instruction, demos, some individual guidance, Show & Tell, & discussion.  (Perhaps not all in each session, but I'll do my best to offer individual guidance each week.)
  • Students will have some time to work in class, but will likely need to finish their pictures at home.
  • The plan is for students to submit one rough sketch for each week of class… we may change this up, however, based on student need.
  •  Students will upload their artwork to a shared Google Photo album.
  • The point is to get a lot of practice exploring new points of view, covering new territory, and expanding your repertoire, not so much creating finished artworks.

SOME EXPLANATION - for the Very Curious 

When you think of a typical story, there is usually some kind of conflict that wants to get resolved. Yes?  And there is some kind of tension between the 2 sides of the conflict.

I remember learning in junior high school English class, about the 3 types of conflict in story writing:
    • Person vs. person
    • Person vs. nature, &
    • Person vs. self
The same can be true of pictures.

So some Questions to ask are: 
  1. What’s the conflict in my picture idea?
  2. Which side of the conflict has more power at this moment in time?
  3. What POV expresses the power dynamic in the best way? 
This may sound like a lot of thinking and analyzing, but the whole thing will become clear when you see the visuals in class.

The best part is when you see how dynamic and compelling your picture has become, from merely changing the perspective!
If you are curious, come join us! Expand your horizons!

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Class on Zoom is really easy! I’ve been at it for over 3 years, and things go pretty smooth. 

We use breakout rooms for one-on-one guidance;

A shared photo album for students to post their work;

A fancy document camera for demos (everyone gets a front row seat!)

And whiteboard for drawing picture suggestions on students work.

If yr new to zoom, I have a zoom tutorial just before the first class starts. It takes about 15 minutes. & it’s kinda fun.

Questions? E-mail me at sleanza.art@gmail.com

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