Virtual Character Design Class

Virtual Character Design Class
Virtual Character Design Class

In this class, you will unleash your imagination as you become the characters you wish to create!

You’ll "birth" one or two characters in class, learn their body language, what they wear, and how they move and live, as they reveal themselves to you.

If you want to illustrate stories, comics, or animation for video games and movies, or merely want to draw people (& other creatures) expressively, this class will offer you techniques to get you started. 

Virtual Illustration: Character Design (via ArtsCenter)
6:30 - 9 PM ET / 3:30 - 6 PM PT 
on Monday nights via Zoom
July 17 - Aug. 14 (5 weeks)

- This will be One. Dynamic. class!  As one of my college illustration teachers suggested: you will become your character! Just like actors do. (Don’t worry - it’s temporary.) The more you draw them, the more you'll get to know them.

- I will challenge students to go beyond stereotypes, to create characters with depth, personality, and lots of back-story (aka: history). This is where you get to go wild in the imagination department!
- You'll get lots of practice drawing your characters, in many different positions and situations.

- It will also improve your ability to make expressive sketches of people, from life or your imagination, as we’ll cover just enough simple anatomy, and body-language, to do the trick.

Ready for a deep dive into the imagination??

Class is being offered through the ArtsCenter, on Zoom.

Tech Info:

Class on Zoom is really easy! I’ve been at it for over 3 years, and things go pretty smooth. 

We use breakout rooms for one-on-one guidance;

A shared photo album for students to post their work;

A fancy document camera for demos (everyone gets a front row seat!)

And whiteboard for drawing picture suggestions on students work.

If yr new to zoom, I have a zoom tutorial just before the first class starts. It takes about 15 minutes. & it’s kinda fun.

Materials List

  • 9 x 12” (or so) sketch book or regular copy paper for initial “thumbnail” sketches
  • Pencils
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Pens or markers for line work
  • For finished work, if we get that far:
    • Colors - examples:
      • Markers, or
      • Watercolor crayons or
      • Colored pencils
    • Bristol board or illustration board

  • Computer or Tablet (such as iPad) with photo editing software that includes layers. (And that you know how to use!)
  • Stylus (very helpful)

Other Questions? Please e-mail me here:

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