Sketchbook Journaling Class 2023

Sketchbook Journaling Class 2023
Sketchbook Journaling Class 2023

Why Sketchbook Journaling?

One thing about Sketchbook Journaling is that it can help you be in the present moment - to really slow down & notice your surroundings more deeply. It’s a way to pause, take a breather, & relieve some anxiety & stress in the process… 

On the other hand, it could be fast-paced - a thrilling session of quick gesture sketches on the fly, as you do your best to record a high-energy event!

At any speed, as you record your surroundings, they get burned in your memory…. So when you look at your sketchbooks years from now, the memories will come flooding back.

Of course, your sketchbooks become a way to leave a legacy for your grandkids, or for posterity: you could choose to record your story about our rapidly changing world - the culture &/or  politics*… or you can keep it strictly personal, chronicling your everyday life.  Or your travel adventures!  - It’s all your choice.

Tools / techniques offered
  • Class will offer tools & techniques for both the quick paced, high-energy gesture sketches, and for the quieter, more reflective sketches. 
  • We will go back to the basics this year: quick expressive blob sketches; creating fore, mid, and backgrounds with size & color; etc.
  • New! : we'll have a session on see-through sketching
  • Class will include demos, individual guidance, & we’ll end class with a short Show & Tell where students share their sketches, and. their experiences with each other.

Where we’ll meet

Each night, we’ll visit a different venue / event around the triangle, offering students both high-energy & quiet energy experiences.

All venues will be accessible to unvaccinated people, - AND - we will decide as a group about mask-wearing. 

E-mail me if you have Questions about this:

I’ll do my best to find venues where there is an indoor & outdoor component, so people can choose to remain outdoors if they prefer.

Possible venues

On the short list:
  • Duke Chapel - 3 pipe organs - culture / travel
  • Coker arboretum (near the planetarium in CH) - nature journaling
  • Musical event (high-energy, gestural)
  • (?? Got requests?)

Maximum of 10 students.

EARLY - BIRD TUITION: $136.25 USD For 5 sessions (includes PayPal fee)
**Price will go up on Wednesday, Apr. 12 at 11:58 PM ET **

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